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Thread: Redesigned my website, bounce rate is still very high.

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    Redesigned my website, bounce rate is still very high.

    People said that my website, http://linksku.com/ looked spammy, so I redesigned it about 2 weeks ago. My bounce rate was about 80%, now it's about 70%, which is still very high. Also, I'm only getting about 100 visitors a day. What should I do to increase traffic? I think my idea's very good, but the visitors can't tell what my website's for, and they leave.
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    I think it's a good concept and a good looking site.
    My first thought about your bounce rate is what search terms is your site being found by?
    Are they searching for news?
    My first impression when I read the URL was that it's a site for getting inbound links.

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    At this moment, seems like your site doesn't load correctly - I can only view a header where I can scroll the original article. Have you optimized the site for IE? (8 in particular)
    As a general thought, try making the site's purpose more visible and enhance the features of the homepage. Actually, it's amazing that a piece of news got 449K likes in only 14 hours, so that's a thing to display, the exact time the article was released, in order for the readers to get the big picture. Also, more refined topic cathegories would do fine.
    Overall, nice idea.
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    I might redirect the homepage to news.linksku.com instead
    I tried the site in IE8, it seems that there's a problem with Yahoo's ads (try some of the other news article that aren't from Yahoo).
    The exact time is a good idea, thanks!

    The main problem with my site is that once the user arrives at my homepage, he/she doesn't know what to do, and leaves my site. What can I do about this?
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