Hi all!

I'm new to web design/development. I know HTML, CSS, a little JavaScript, and even less PHP. I have a client who wants a website built where he can sell custom made videos (testimonials). Similar to a site like this: http://www.ordertestimonials.com/

My client wants the user to be able to

  1. Choose an actor.
  2. Upload a script.
  3. Select the duration.

The duration will determine the price of the finished testimonial video.

On the sample site above, I don't see where a user can supply their own script.

So how can I incorporate the above 3 options into my clients site? Should I just use Pay Pal like the other site does? Is there some way the user can specify these options once on the Pay Pal site? Or should I use some other method, like maybe a custom form on my clients site, where users can select these options? I know the HTML for the form but how would I integrate these options into a checkout process? Using Javascript? PHP?

Please help.

Thanks in advance!