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Thread: [RESOLVED] 2D array and html table

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    resolved [RESOLVED] 2D array and html table


    I have converted a recordset into a string of text where each field is separated by a ',' and each record separated by a '|'

    The format of the data string is similar to:
    name, date, duty| Jim, Mon, Office | Jim, Tue, Office | Jim, Wed, Holiday | Jim, Thu, Meeting | Jim, Fri, Meeting | Sue, Mon, Office | Sue, Tue, Meeting | Sue, Wed, Holiday | Sue, Thu, Holiday | Sue, Fri, Holiday | etc.

    The array is therefore something like:
    Array[0][0] name
    Array[0][1] date
    Array[0][2] duty
    Array[1][0] Jim
    Array[1][1] Mon
    Array[1][2] Office
    Array[2][0] Jim
    Array[2][1] Tue
    Array[2][2] Office


    My question is...
    How can I rearrange this data in a HTML table so it looks something like the example below?

    name, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    Jim, Office, Office, Holiday, Meeting, Meeting
    Sue, Office, Meeting, Holiday, Holiday, Holiday

    I have very little knowledge of Javascript, so if anyone is able and willing to help, could you please explain your answer as thoroughly as possible or at least point me in the right direction to research my answer from other resources.

    Many thanks,
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