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Thread: Come checkout my new website flashkraft.com

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    Cool Come checkout my new website flashkraft.com

    FlashKraft.com is a community website that allows you to add you website portfolio to it for peer review. Add your website to get feedback or even just add a website you like in order to initiate discussion about. Only top quality websites please.


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    I think it looks good. but my Browser ( Opera ) screws it BIG TIME. maybe adjust it to fit all browsers?

    check out my website please, and tell me If I have the same problem?

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    Wow that a really interesting catalogue. Nice colors, styles and Images. I would only change the place for google ad
    I would like to make and offer for you to submit your website at my catalogue that I have also started ) and I submit my website at yours!!!
    Keep it up and good luck!
    FokeBox Team
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    It feels really crowded. Maybe shrink the icons or take out the explanatory text about each section.
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