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Thread: Review: HideEmailAddress.com - Email hider

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    Review: HideEmailAddress.com - Email hider

    Hide Email Address

    I have built an online email hider to help you hide your email address from email harvesters and/or spambots.

    In total, I have written at least a half-dozen scripts for this page which include:

    1. Generating an encrypted JavaScript email hider
    2. Generating a simple JavaScript email hider
    3. Generating a simple HTML email hider
    4. Converting an email address to an image
    5. Converting an email address to a "Captcha" type image
    6. An email extracting script to check a page to see if it finds emails...

    The scripts were all written in PHP.
    The CMS for the site is WordPress.

    I hope you find this useful.

    As usual, if the page gets traffic, I can expand on these scripts and will include a more comprehensive checking tool which can parse an entire site. I was also thinking of having the "captcha" creator use various random backgrounds and mixing fonts, etc, but that's probably overkill.
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    I thought the black body background was too stark of a contrast for the white content background.

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    I was getting bored with white backgrounds and decided to try a black background... the theme is to hide something, so I went for a mysterious looking black background.

    After I did it, I was not as crazy about it as I was before, but now that it's done... oh well...

    Anyway, the email hiding algorithms work well.

    Thanks for the review!

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