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Thread: Anyone know of any js/php components to play/overlay music tracks?

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    Anyone know of any js/php components to play/overlay music tracks?

    So, just for fun I'm going to be building a small project to get acquainted with HTML5. My idea is to have a few sounds available to choose from, and lay those sounds down in "tracks", and when you press play, the sounds play on each track as they're hit in time. I guess an example is garage band, but I want it to be way more simplified. I don't care about changing pitch/tone or anything like that, just playing the sounds on multiple tracks as they're hit in time.

    This is the start of my research, so if there's anything you can think of, just let me know.

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    You're not actually doing anything particularly complex (that's not meant to be an insult or anything). You're just playing multiple sounds simultaneously. To that end, just familiarize yourself with the HTML5 audio element API.


    If you need cross browser support, check out mediaelementjs

    If you're building a small project to get yourself acquainted with the interfaces, don't use anybody else's components, make your own!

    PHP doesn't really seem to come into play here, anyway.
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    Thanks, good info. Especially the mediaelementsjs suggestion. No worries, this isn't meant to be complex, just something fun/simple. The php only comes in if I'll be letting people share whatever they create or upload audio clips. Don't even have anything scoped out, will just see what happens.

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