I've used this tutorial --> http://www.scienceandart.org/advance...agtutorial.pdf <-- to create a flash puzzle for my friend's digital wedding invitation (WITHOUT the scramble function mentioned later in the tutorial). I can for the life of me not make it do anything after the puzzle is complete. I think my conditional test is fudged. Here's what I have:

if ((puz1._x==125.3 && puz1._y==18.9) && (puz2._x==224.7 && puz2._y==18.9) && (puz3._x==324.0 && puz3._y==19.0) && (puz4._x==126.0 && puz4._y==71.9) && (puz5._x==225.1 && puz5._y==89.9) && (puz6._x==297.1 && puz6._y==90.8) && (puz7._x==125.2 && puz7._y==144.1) && (puz8._x==198.9 && puz8._y==143.7) && (puz9._x==297.7 && puz9._y==162.7))

Basically, I want it to test that all the puzzle pieces are in the correct position and, if true, advance to the next slide. My problems are that:
1) I'm not sure what to attach this conditional test to (just the general slide, or an object?)
2) I'm not sure if my syntax is correct (eg do I need to put my values in quotation marks?) and
3) Can I have this many variables? Each puzzle piece is coded as a button according to the tutorial.

I've uploaded the base file here --> http://www.sendspace.com/file/yvrxvf <-- for you to take a gander at (I hope the .fla file is sufficient). Tips on how the hell I'm getting that file smaller would also be very welcome, because I don't know how it could possibly be 16MB.

Thank you for any help you could offer!