My website has a diagnostic tool to guage the connection speed as it passes through your gateway, and this varies depending on the time of day in your local area because of the stastical quotations service providers give
What I noticed was that most computers on which I ran Diagnose (top right corner on the landing page), the local computer clock was running slow, sometimes up to three seconds behind. Now I want to create a tool to set local computer clocks in line with GMT.

In javascript the local clock cannot be set using the Date function,
The question is: I want to know, if the javascriot kernel can support this function as a privileged command? If so how do I gain access to kernel functions? This way my clock setting tool would not be OS dependant.

I can create a mini-app for Windows and sync the clock to within milliseconds of the real time, but this excludes MAC and Linus users.

As an aside how do you personally set your computer clock to give true time, whether at work or at home?