Iíve been working on a new web site idea for a while now and the more I work on it the more and more promising it looks, however, the more I work on it the more I realise I simply donít have the programming/development knowledge to effectively create the site so that it works properly and efficiently.

Iím looking for a developer business partner to take care of the development side of things. Preferably someone who has an extensive knowledge of development and programming in general. I will do the business side of things, conceptualization, marketing, etc and whatever else I can do

This is not a paid position! For the type of developer I have in mind this should be easily accomplished in his/her spare time, weekends, and so on. The agreement would be a percentage ownership share between myself and the developer as the creators of the site.

I wont go into any details about the site until weíve both signed a non-disclosure agreement. Suffice to say, although I donít really know how complex the site actually will be, itís not something like a simple brochure website or forum or the like.
I have worked out most of the specifics Ďon paperí but I have know idea how to make that work and do what it needs to do to display the correct info where necessary.

I would imagine this Ďpositioní would probably suit a college/university development/programming student or a retired/semi-retired developer/programmer but applications are open to anyone interested.

Main requirements:

Honest, reliable, hard working
Technically sound expertise of web/development platforms etc.
Good knowledge of databases including creation, maintenance etc
Discretion Ė as a partner in a potentially lucrative business venture it is in both our best interests to protect the site, business, idea, etc for our own commercial benefit

If youíre interested in the venture and want to discuss it further please email me.
Please only apply if you are actually capable of executing the requirements of developing and implementing the entire site including all components from scratch to a published, live site.