i'm not sure whether or not i'm in the right place, but here i go-
i'm trying to learn js &html5. now i have an issue. i'm working on a dice game (craps) using the html5 <canvas>. my dice are working fine but every time i click the "roll" button the page reloads which resets my form. the form provides feedback about the rolls. it includes the output of the counter variable, and win, lose, or shoot again info.

html5 can be viewed at

here is some of the js. if you need it all i'll post it later - just let me know.

Fyi- if i take the call to fxInit() out of the body tag in the html5 the canvas does not persist, it blinks with every (roll) onClick Event

I have used ie9 js debugger and it steps through flawlessly every time 4-5 counts .
can someone help me with theses issues or point me in a good direction
var firstTurn = true;
var pntHolder=0;
var youWin="You Win!";
var youLose="You Lose!";
var youNeed="You need a ";
var shootAgain="Shoot Again";
var thro= "Throw # ";
var counter =0;

function fxInit() {
var ch = 1+ Math.floor(Math.random() * 6);
var ch2 = 1+ Math.floor(Math.random()*6);//var ch =6;
//var counter2=counter++;
document.f.stage.value=thro + counter;

return (false);