I am new with Javascript and struggling with a link
Here is the question:

I have this piece of code for a button to open a page:

var no1Area = new Ext.Button({id: 'no1A',html:'Button number 1',height:30, width:269, cls: "buttonItem2level",pressedCls:'buttonDown2level',padding:'0 0 0 6',

listeners: {
tap : function(evt,target){ if(this.id!=buttonActiv[buttonActiv.length-1]){ crSubPor(this,'level3Co'); SeccionesEntra(this.id); buttonActiv.push(this.id); console.log('franceItem llega boton== '+buttonActiv)} }

Later on the code I have:

porParisM = new Ext.Panel({
html: "<div class='porta_paris'><div id='cir_green'></div><div id='cir_blue'></div><div id='box_france_99'></div><div id='box_france_central'></div></div>"

Basically I need the pictures (included in the <div> tags to link to the same place...
Can anybody help?

thanks a lot