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Thread: :confused: How to write Expression ?

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    Question :confused: How to write Expression ?

    How to write regular expression to check weather a word has at least 2 capital letters, 2 numbers, is greater than 8 chars and ends with either the letters 'abc' or 'def'

    no programming need just an expression. Thanks

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    If i am not mistaken, it should answer the question
    PHP Code:
     // 2 capital letters, 2 numbers, is greater than 8 chars and ends with either the letters 'abc' or 'def'
     foreach (
    $tst as $v) {
         if (
    preg_match("`(?=(?:[^A-Z]*[A-Z]){2})(?=(?:\D*\d){2})(?=(?:.){5,}(abc|def)$)`",$v)) echo " ok !";
        else echo 
    " no pasaran !"
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