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Thread: Sandbox Paypal Error 404 not found

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    Sandbox Paypal Error 404 not found

    Hello all,

    I have uploaded the sandbox paypal code in webhosting to check whether it is working properly.

    It was working fine in my local server (wamp server) and when i host the same in **********.com, it shows the page was not found in this server.

    error 404 Not Found

    The requested URL /us/cgi-bin/.................my web host address.php" was not found on this server.

    Pls help. I completed my project and was about to submit to my client when i founf this error in webhost and not in my localserver.

    This is the first time I am hosting and checking the webpages.

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    It's most likely a permissions problem. I refuse to use windows anymore so I don't remember the exact procedure you would use (google it). But you need to give apache access to the page. At a guess I would say you need to look at the "sharing" tab on the file properties window, but it's been years since I used a wamp setup.

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