We have a fashion e-commerce website to develop. After IA and graphic design work were completed in-house, we tried to outsource the development portion overseas to no avail. (Two times, we got stuck with sleazy hustler types.) Having wasted a lot of time already, now we are left with an option of increasing our budget, and finding someone here in the New York City, or at least in the country. We have all the PSDs, and detailed point-by-point instructions plus IA-related documents like process flow. We need someone (or a couple of partners) to finish front- AND back-end, ideally by next spring.

I have a few questions as to finding someone:

  1. What jobsites would be good for posting an ad?
  2. Are agencies worth it when we can screen in and out candidates? 40% commission sounds way too hefty...
  3. What would be a ballpark figure and timeline? The site is fairly high-end. We have 56 PSDs, and some of them have layer overlays. We would need a good jQuery person, especially.
  4. If it's off-site, what would be a good way to monitor the time being charged?
  5. The last guys started this in Magento although they didn't make much progress beyond their template. Would it make sense to find another Magento person, and finish it, or to be more open about the platform in case someone can get it done even quicker?

Feedbacks would be appreciated it.