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Thread: Displaying attendance on a web page

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    Displaying attendance on a web page

    I wish to display attendance in a table where the dates are horizontally on top and Names verticalyy on left. Sof far is simple. But what i am not able to do is (for printing purposes) mark Sundays or Holidays so that the word is shown across the column. For display purposes, i am showing in different colour. We have only a b/w printer and greying it would wate a lot of ink

    How should i put this in html./php/javascript This would be for 30 or 31 days to be fit in one A4 page

    regds and thanks in advance
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    This is not an especially elegant solution, but you could do it with PHP code to build an HTML table. First build the header row with the days. Then code a couple of loops, the outer loop for the rows in the table (one for each name), and the inner loop for the days, creating one <td> cell for each attendee containing "P" or "A" or whatever you desire.

    I won't give you all the code, but when the day is Sunday or a Holiday, you will need to create only one <td> at the first attendee row, like this:

    echo '<td rowspan="' . $cntnames . '">';
    echo 'S<br />U<br />N<br />D<br />A<br />Y</td>';

    This should display "SUNDAY" vertically, filling the whole column.
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    Lightbulb Elegant solution

    Thanks for the reply.

    I could not think of a better way than this for presenting the attendance for the entire month.

    As you have pointed out that this is an inelegant solution then how can i make it more elegant

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