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    Getting started...

    Hello everyone, I'm somewhat new to this website as well as web development. Right now I'm trying to learn step by step what encompasses being a great web developer (likely freelance) and I was hoping to get some good starting pointers in that direction. So far I've learned HTML, CSS and some Javascript and hoping to work my way on through a great deal of languages/programs. The problem I have seem to run into though is lack of inspiration for the skills I've learned. The last time I was working on my page (a while back) I ran out of useful ways to implement each type of new code I learned (so as to get a feel for it as well as not forget it) into my page which started to make it hard for me to want to keep learning, not to mention clutter up my page. Finally I decided to work on a fresh homepage for myself that would eventually house my portfolio, etc...but I'd still like to do 3 things. 1. Have an existing idea of what I'm trying to code 2. Steadily learn each new language on the side and 3. Work on my homepage when I have the time.

    So my big question is what's the best way to go about finding a website I can build that someone else already envisioned and just requires someone to code it for them? Ideally I'd like to help build someones site for free as an extra hand for the main developer, I just want to get some hands on experience really and get away from this "learn code" "replicate code" "learn code" "replicate code"....etc etc.. since there is a LOT of code I'll be learning over the years.

    Also, on a side note, how did you start off into web development? I plan on going to school (hopefully soon) but in the mean time I want to learn as much as possible on my own.... not to mention I watched a video on Youtube of a freelancer who said that school was a waste of his time since he learned more on his own than his teacher even knew so....

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    what i suggest you is to provide free services to others by this way you will keep learning new things and will get to know about more ideas

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