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Thread: Jquery Fullscreenr plugin stopped working. Did I make a mistake?

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    Jquery Fullscreenr plugin stopped working. Did I make a mistake?

    Hi everyone,

    I know next to nothing about coding, and have been trying to teach myself with a personal folio project.
    I posted some progress here a couple of weeks back that looks like this:


    Note that the version above has a fully scalable background image.
    I uploaded the 'finished' version, which looks like this:


    I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything to do with the scalable background, but now it doesn't scale. I've been comparing the two all day and this is driving me crazy!

    The Fullscreen plugin I'm using is this one here:

    I'm hoping that this is just a really silly error on my part, but I would be very very appreciative if someone could lend me a hand. Sorry I'm not being very specific with the coding, I'm just not sure exactly where to pinpoint it.

    Thank you.

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    you made the classic mistake. You have loaded the jquery framework twice and it's confusing your plugin.

    remove the first entry and move the second entry to the top of your scripts, and change the version to 1.7.0 . stop using archaic versions

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