Gotta problem whereby a button on a page is calling an ASP.NET file (.aspx file extension) passing through some parameters.

However, sometimes it appears part of the url being delivered is repeated until the string is 16,000 characters long. The string is then thrown at the server, which promptly crashes and throws an error.

The string ends up looking something like this:

https://sitename.net/filepath/aspx_file.aspx?parameter1=value1https://sitename.net/filepath/aspx_file.aspx?parameter1=value1https://sitename.net/filepath/aspx_file.aspx?parameter1=value1https://sitename.net/filepath/aspx_file.aspx?parameter1=value1https://sitename.net/filepath/aspx_file.aspx?parameter1=value1 (etc, etc)

All parameters are being encoded before the URL string is built and sent to the server. I cannot find any reserve words in any of the code (JS or ASP.NET), nor can I see any of the same parameters used in this particular piece of JS or any of the .js files loaded to the site.

With this limited about of background info does anyone have any experience with this issue? Many thanks for your time.