I'm new to creating websites, and I'm the kind of person who learns best by just jumping in and handling the unknown issues as they come. Lucky for me I hit one strait away. I went ahead and decided to get a domain (because they are pretty cheap so why not) and just get strait to things. The way I understand it I'm suppose to upload my index.php, img folder, ect. to public_html. I couldn't seem to find that folder. All I found were these


When I looked at the www it said it was a broken symbolic link. When I accessed in the file manager in cpanel and www didn't do anything usefull. When I used Filezilla though it let me access it as a folder, but only let me upload html,php, and css files and not create a new folder in it or upload image files. Why is that, and where is it putting these files? I can't seem to locate the folder it's putting them in. Once I did put index.php in that though, my site popped up.(lacking images) How am I suppose to upload images, and how can I access my public_html without using Filezilla?

I thought it would be worth mentioning, but all the images to cPanel file manager to the left (which it says are suppose to be folder icons) are broken images. Maybe there is something wrong with the file manger? I dono, I'm new at this.