Hi, guys & gals.

Maybe one of you is able (& kind enough) to help me out.
Right now, I am busy preparing a website on which I want to 'exhibit' some of the paintings I've done in the last few years. Okay, it's only amateur stuff, I know I'm far from a Rembrandt or Van Gogh, but still: I think it would be nice to be able to show some of my work to the world.

My site will consist of a set of simple frameset pages; in the largest of these frames, I plan to put scans of the actual works, in other frames there will be a title, a menu, some additional texts and so on. Obviously, I want to present my images optimally. But of course, it's quite impossible to predict what size my 'painting frame' will be.

That is why I would <i>love</i> to have a piece of Javascript code 1) that will put my images exactly in the middle of the painting frame (aligned both vertically and horizontally), 2) that will use as much of the available space as possible, and 3) that will keep the aspect ratio of each image intact. I've tried the nice 'Full Size Image' script that Eddie Traversa once made, but unfortunately, his script just fills up the entire frame space, distorting either the height or the width of the image concerned. You'll onderstand why this is not what I need here.

In case you are interested: some of the paintings I did can be seen in a book I am also working on, PANTACYCLOPEDIA (http://www.Pantacyclopedia.com) - I've used some of them as illustrations there. If you want to get in touch: my e-mail address: jverp@upcmail.nl.

Thank you.