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Thread: How to build a about.me like website?

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    How to build a about.me like website?

    say a user register a user name as jason, then his website will be xxx.com/jason how to establish this function? need your help!! thank you!

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    It's often done with URL redirection (e.g. via ModRewrite in Apache) so that "jason" becomes a GET variable that is used to query the DB via the default script to populate its data from the DB.
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    Yep, NogDog is exactly right.



    would be converted to (via rewrite) something like:


    Which in turn would be referenced in a table that relates the name to an id like:

    jess, 1
    jason, 2

    thus from this point on you'd refer to userid 2, and lookup your data that way. Only thing to be careful about is you have to make sure each username is 100% unique.

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