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    Question Auto Zoom!

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering, is there a way, using java script or anything else, to set my website to automatically zoom in if the screen size it is bigger than a specified value in order to make it easy to view (bigger) on a larger monitor?


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    Rule number one of the internet is NEVER MESS WITH PEOPLES BROWSER SETTINGS.

    THEY will already have the page optimized for their own needs and they do not want you or any other inconsiderate coder messing with the settings that they are happy with.

    Its the same with these people who want to play music when someone visits their site, another bad move.

    I suggest you see out the web developers bible on nettiquette, you will be surprised what annoys people and keeps them away from sites.

    Things like "Click to vote for us" popup alerts, resizing of the browser, playing music, refreshing & page redirection, changing current font sizes, adverts, browser blocking... so what if the visitoe wants to use MSIE, let them.

    What I do suggest is you have a link placed on the page that states that clicking it will make the page fill the screen.

    Finally, this subject has been over done, its beyond charcoal, more in the realm of fossil. So you only need search this forum.

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    infact here are some indicators here... http://lifehacker.com/5799574/top-10...oying-problems

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