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Thread: Image Theives

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    If the client can download it, then it is always possible to copy it. You should either not use those images, or use it an accept that people will copy them. You can use a tool like TinEye.com to look for copies of the images and write to threaten legal action.

    If it's not worth that much effort, then either the photos aren't worth using or the copyright owner is not *that* bothered

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    Yeah, all good points there.

    They have the watermark now, so I guess that will do.

    Thanks all though for your contributions here. You have all helped me one way or another, whether its just tips on my text, right up to watermarks.

    Its all greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.


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    Yeah really there is no way to safeguard. Screen shots and view source get around pretty much any method of trying stop thieves from taking the images. Don't do little water marks either because anyone who has ever used photoshop knows how to use the clone tool and/or can replicate the area underneath overtop of the watermark. I like iStock's method. They put a watermark across the whole image and then if people want to buy the image they can get the one without a watermark. By having the watermark across the whole image you make the image useless because it becomes significantly harder to hide in photoshop.

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    a quick and dirty method.

    I believe the best ways to protect images have been described, however the WyCnet solution is for those who only have two precious photos. Note screen shots continue to work.
    <style type="text/css">
    input.lookup {font-size:small;height:100px;width:100px;color:white;
    <body style="text-align:center" >
    <input class=lookup type=button value=''>
    It works here http://www.wyc3.com/imageTEST.php

    Points to note: (1)The height and width of the button has to be the same as the naturally saved photo. (2) Put the css in a seperate file so no one knows where the actual photo file resides. (3) Add a value to the input button so it is written across the image.

    This should be enough to scare off amateurs.
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    Ah but see this is where you are wrong my good sir. Here is a direct link to your photos

    What source of internet wizardry is this?!?!?!?!?

    Sorry just had to point out the flaw that we can find the image location even in a css file

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    Also since you didn't link to an external sheet to view these files from what I can see in the page source it is still possible to open and view the css file that you link into the header section of the page. Thus we can still see where the image resides. For people who don't know computers very well yes this may deter them from grabbing the image from right clicking. But as you pointed out screen shots still work. Also I am pointing out that even stored in an external stylesheet we can still open and view that file itself and view the location. So there really is no safe way. The best way is the watermark and just not posting them online at all.

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