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    Image Time Change

    I'm new to this forum. I need to place two images on my website. I want from 12am to 4pm, to display "Off.png",
    4pm to 10pm, to display "On.png",
    10pm to 12am, to display "Off.png",

    How can I do this? I new to website work. But I'm a little slow on the javascript. I'm open to any method! If you can S-P-E-L-L out what I place, and where, that would be great.


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    Ie like this (put this code anywhere where you want your image):
    <img src="" alt="" name="OnOff" id="OnOff" />
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var d = new Date();
    var elem = document.getElementById('OnOff')
    if ((d.getHours() > 16) && (d.getHours() < 23)) {
    	elem.src = 'On.png';
    	elem.alt = 'On';
    else {
    	elem.src = 'Off.png';
    	elem.alt = 'Off';

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    Thanks, Works perfectly! I really owe you. See here: poestenkill-lights.com

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