Iím the owner of several internet properties in Greece and Iím looking
to hire PHP developers. Most of the projects are built on CodeIgniter so If you have used it before it's a huge plus.

The ideal candidate should.
Have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery in addition to PHP.
Work from home
Available on Skype 9 to 5 UTC+02:00
Be able to communicate in English verbally and in writing

I donít require a formal CV (although it's better if you got one) but
I would like to know at least the following.
Work experience
Work samples online (if any)

The following are considered bonuses
Experience with Git
Having worked remotely in the past
Having a development oriented blog

This is not a freelancing position.
This is about permanent employment.
It includes official holidays and everything.

You will be paid monthly and by the month. Not by the hour.
You will have a 9 to 5 schedule and be expected to keep it,
and be available during those hours.
You will work on a variety of tasks depending
on the needs of our projects.

In a few words it is a classic job with the only
difference being that you get to do it from home.

Salary is based on skills and experience and is highly competitive
To apply send email to bibakisv at gmail dot com

Thank you