I got an xml file being echoed by php and all the code works fine but my problem is that inside a tag (exam and the attribute is chapter which is what's being echoed) there's more than one tag (ex, that's what is being echoed as exam #) and I am echoing the data to a table and I want it to display it like this:

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

|--Exam 1--|--Exam 1--|

|--Exam 2--|--Exam 2--|

| Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |

|--Exam 1--|--Exam 1--|
But What I am getting is something like this: (I know why though)

| Chapter 1 |

|--Exam 1--|

| Chapter 1 |

|--Exam 2--|

| Chapter 2 |

|--Exam 1--|
It keeps on repeating the tag's attribute and I know why, because I am echoing the tag's attribute that I have as a variable in a table data. So the question is not why it is happening but how can I change it to display it the way I want it.

I guess maybe there's a way to delete the attribute if there's more than one (I know you can delete it but I don't know how to show it once and delete the others)

The code that I have is something like this:


  <exam chapter="Chapter 1">
    <ex id="1">Exam 1</ex>
    <ex id="2">Exam 2</ex>
    <ex id="3">Exam 3</ex>

  <exam chapter="Chapter 2">
    <ex id="4">Exam 1</ex>
    <ex id="5">Exam 2</ex>

  <exam chapter="Chapter 3">
    <ex id="6">Exam 1</ex>

  <exam chapter="Chapter 4">
    <ex id="7">Exam 1</ex>
    <ex id="8">Exam 2</ex>
    <ex id="9">Exam 3</ex>
    <ex id="10">Exam 4</ex>

PHP Code:
$xpath = new DOMXPath($xml);
$exams $xpath->query('//exam/ex');

$istyle 1//This is to add gray after every other row

echo "      <table cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"3\" border=\"0\" width=\"60%\" align=\"center\">
            <tr id=\"center\" bgcolor=\"#999\">
                <td>Student's Exam Status</td>

$exams as $exams2) {
$chapter $exams2->parentNode->getAttribute('chapter');
$examid $exams2->getAttribute('id');
$examname $exams2->nodeValue;

    if (
$examid 5) { //where it says 5 there goes a php variable where it has the queried user's exam number from the database, again this is all finished no need to change this.
$exstatus "You already took this exam.";
    }elseif (
$examid == 5) {
$exstatus "This is your exam (exam link)";
    }elseif (
$examid 5) {
$exstatus "You are not yet on this exam";

"<tr id=\"center\"";

        if (
$istyle == 0)
" bgcolor=\"#ccc\"";



Notice that the table structure is different than the way I said I want it and I was getting it above, I just changed it because I couldn't leave it the way it was.

Note that what I want to change is where it says chapter, I want it to display it once and below it to display exam 1 and below that exam2 ect. and next to the chapter put the next chapter (in this case chapter 2) and below that exam 1 and below that exam 2 ect. and after that create another table row below exam 2 and put two other chapters and below that the other exams.

Notice that the exams do not follow a pattern and this is an edited version of the file since there's hundreds of those and the values are different of what you see above.

The code above works, I just want to modify it so it could meet my requirements. Also the variable names are for demo only, I made this file to test how I want my code to run, this wasn't pulled from the original file so all the var and other names and things are for demo only, so you guys could have an idea. No need to tell me that the vars don't make sense or confuses.