Some might think that if one wished to view the source code of a website then that person must be upto no good.
That is NOT TRUE ! A hacker would simply hack the website without even bothering to view the source code.
I myself on a number of occassions have viewed the code just as a matter of interest, as I may have seen something
out of the ordinary and wished to know what script created that something special.
There are occassions when websites do not allow you to right click a pic or anything else, as they do not wish you
to have it. I am a firm believer in, if you have displayed things on your site like pics or streaming videos or music,
then why not let the visitor to your site have it. If you do not wish this to happen then simply do not display those
particular contents on the site. I do not believe that (if you copied things from a site by a right click or by viewing the
source) you are doing anything wrong, if you merely save it to your hard drive for your own pleasure.
We are living in a day and age when just about everything is available freely on the web just by Googling the information.
One can download any and everything from Youtube with the right download manager. Youtube does not stop one from
doing so ! So why all the FUSS about viewing source codes, and right clicking and all the jazz.
Think about it.