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    floating div tag

    				background-color: #659EC7;
    				margin-left: 20&#37;;
    				margin-right: 20%				;
    				margin-top: 10%;
    				margin-bottom: 10%;
    				border: 1px solid#F6358A;
    				padding: 5px;
    				font: sans-serif;
    				padding: 5px
    		<h2>Starbuzz Coffee's mission</h2><br>
    		<p>To Provide all the caffeine that you need to power your life<br><br>
    		Just drink it. Empty space above address bar<br><br>
    		There is Empty space above address bar. When I want to view fuyll screen, this empty space should be filled up with page. But when I click on F11, this space stays there.
    		When I click on F11 in FireFox, whole screen is available to page. But when I use IE8 or IE9, empty space above address bar stays there.<br>
    		This is link for new document.<a target="_blank" href="http://www.yahoo.com">Open new doc</a><br><br>
    		How can I get full screen view withou this empty space ?<br>
    		You can visit this document.<a target="coffee" href="http://www.google.ca">Google for cofee</a><br><br>
    		Please look at regular view and full screen view file screen shot attached herewith.<br>
    		Lets see, if this opens in same window like coffee or not within bing<a target="coffee" href="http://www.bing.ca">Bing for tea</a><br><br>
    			<div id="111" class="inner" style="float:left" border-right="hidden"><img src="file://C:/Users/Jignesh/Desktop/Pics & Movies/IMG_4606.jpg"></div>
    			<div id="222" class="inner" style="float:left" border-left="hidden">If a deployment is not going through, then I can telnet receiving server to see if its working or not. Now if its not working, then there can be problem with receiver server and may be with OD application server.</div>
    			<div id="222" class="outer" style="clear:both" />
    		In case of receiver server not responding, is there a way to check that whether there is an issue with OD base server ? Is there a way to test self deployment ?</div>
    1) If I don't put div tag with id 111 and 222 in another div tag with id 11 then it 222 does not float , next to 111. Why is that ? Why is it required to be put these div tags in another div tag to float ?

    2) If I put div 222 as <div id="222" class="inner"> instead of <div id="222" class="inner"style="float:left"> , then div 222 does not float right to 111. Is not 222 supposed to be placed to right of 111, when 111 is float to left and immediate div is not used with any float ?

    3) Border of div 111 and 222 is 1px thick. When 222 is float to right of 111, then middle border becomes 2 px thick. How can I hide border-right of 111 and border-left of 222 ? I have tried as shown in div id 111 and 222, but it does not work.


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