After I posted a file to a web server, I announced the wrong URL, with a typo in the filename. I cannot update the announcement as it was e-mailed to a large list. So I would like to post a short file at the bad URL with a redirect to the good URL.

When I make that kind of error with an HTML file, it's easy to post a short HTML file at the bad URL, whose header contains a line like this:

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;URL=">

Then a visitor's browser handles the redirect, and if he bookmarks the page he's viewing, he records its corrected URL.

But this time, the bad URL ends in extension .pdf so the server sends any file under that name with content-type: application/pdf which causes my browser to pass it directly to my PDF reader, which complains "File does not begin with '%PDF='".

My question is, what can I post in place of a PDF file which is not there, to have the same effect?

I do not have access to or authority to change the server's configuration files.

Any ideas?