I recently set up a server(using XAMPP) on a Windows based PC. I was importing my website (from Dropbox) and everything seemed to be fine.

I only store the core site files in Dropbox and so in order to restore the user data from my site I exported my database and also zipped any user content/folders. Now the problem seems to arise when I tried to import all of these files and folders from my previous website.

I'm aware Windows does not have CHMOD and so it cannot work with posix permissions (as there are none). Unfortunately it almost seems to be just what I need because a large majority (yes, strangely not all) of the files cannot be accessed and are only greeted with the following message:
Request Blocked
I've tried to mess around with file permissions in Windows but so far no level of access has seemed to make these files available. Surely something of this nature has come up in the past and has also been resolved. Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I know I could just switch to a linux-based server instead but with the current circumstances that would be a bit of an inconvenience so I'd like to solve this with Windows for the time being.