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Thread: Need some testing help

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    Need some testing help

    Hello all,

    We send out short videos on a regular basis and I've had a couple complaints that people are only able to watch about 10 seconds of the videos and it just stops playing and the buffer stops loading. These complaints were from people on our internal company network. However, I and a couple other people are able to load and play them all the way through without any issues on the same network.

    The major change we made this week was changing the format from RTMP streaming via FMS to progressive http downloading (our provider, highwinds, is making everyone change).

    Can you do me a favor and test some movie? All I need is for people to play the movie for about 10 to 20 seconds and see if it stops playing and buffering for them at any point (usually right around 10 seconds). You don't have to play the whole movie. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    URLs to test:
    - http://www.212movie.com
    - http://www.lombardimovie.com/


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    The links even didn't load, are your site up and running?

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