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Thread: Looking for a business partner

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    Looking for a business partner

    I am looking for someone to be a partner in a new website I am creating called EMPLOYEEZ, I have a website template and content in place. This is not a simple website its very complex, the best way to compare it would be for you to have a look at; seek{dot}com{dot}au and that's the type of website I mean. Similar sites to mine have gone on to make over 300 million per year.
    If you would be interested in joining me to help complete this site and being a partner then please contact me, I will also give you more details on the business and supply links to the template website.

    Thanks for looking

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    Hey Mark, I'm from Titanium Web Designs Ltd in the UK

    If you want to talk about your system, give us an email: info at titaniumwebdesigns.com
    Titanium Web Designs Ltd - Bespoke websites and online systems

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    I have a lot of experience in creating large web projects in a partnership agreement.
    I am also very interested in your idea, can we talk more somewhere else with instant messaging, if so please email a method to contact you to jarred.kennedy@live.com

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