So one of the biggest issues I have had when practicing designing a website is getting it to fit the window with various screen resolutions. After doing a bit of research it seemed many people said the same thing. Designing your site within a table is the trick to getting it to fit whatever the resolution. Though I've read up on it there were some things I didn't quite understand and I hoped someone here could clarify things for me.

For anyone who understands this method, this is what I understand.

1) You create a table, setting it's width and height to 100% (or less if you want some white space), so that whatever the resolution, it will fit the window.

2) The table I think has 3 rows and 3 columns. Row 1 and 3 (top and bottom) have a set height in px. Also, columns 1 and 3 (left and right) do the same for width. That means the 2nd row and 2nd column are the same cell, which has no set width/height, taking up whatever space the other rows and columns do not.

3) All content, whether they be text or images are put into this one single cell.

If I understood this right then great though I'm sure there are things I got wrong, or things I am missing here. So if anyone who understands this method could clarify this for me it would be greatly appreciated and I would get to practicing this method right away.