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Thread: IE Hell Question [Discussion]

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    IE Hell Question [Discussion]

    I know many experienced developers who go through IE hell; things just don't work as you would expect it in other browsers that support standards.

    Beginners go through it too, but they are less likely to be frustrated with IE, because beginning to learn HTML is difficult in itself for someone who has never done it before. So they have no idea whether they are just making a mistake, or are being the victim of IE Hell...

    For those extremely passionate about development of websites, brilliant UI's, plug-ins, etc. Would it be reasonable to exclude IE from being able to access their website at all? And display a message saying, for example: Please download Firefox, Safari or Chrome to use this website/application.

    Before you say... "Yeah if they want to lose a large amount of traffic from IE zombies..." I want you to consider that this product would be extremely helpful to people. Theoretically... would you not switch to Firefox or Chrome if Google refused to display their site in IE? (I know, this is a silly idea, but think about it... This gives the developer of a brilliant website or tool control over it -- not Microsoft, so if all great companies that developed code for IE decided one day not to offer their services through IE browsers, people would have no choice but to move on). And look, people who still IE are clueless average computer users who have no idea what's good for them anyway. I'm not sorry if I offended you, developer who still uses primarily IE, to develop your website, but you are a victim of some asshole's at Microsoft, decision who didn't care about web development, so why are you doing it?

    Yes, IE is installed on a lot of machines, but web developers who are passionate about web standards are going insane; IE doesn't follow standards created by people who have the authority to create them -- it takes time to learn web standards as it is, and nobody cares about learning IE's different "standards" created by Microsoft. It's always just "Ok, let's do some patch work for IE", nobody ever talks about the "standards" Microsoft invented as part of their monopoly on browsers that is no longer relevant today because they have been blown out of water by several other browser developers who really do care. They should have no authority to create any web standards.

    For those who care about efficiency of work and productivity, this is especially important. Developing with IE in mind will take a lot of time you really don't want to waste on web development of a website, and a lot of times it's something so stupid that people are stuck for hours or days trying to figure it out.
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    Lol, was that a rant?

    Honestly in my experience, IE along with all the other browsers have their own set of issues you have to iron out. With some practice and patience you could get IE to operate as well as anything else (with the exception of IE6 which I have personally decided to no longer support) without hacks.

    IE9 in particular is a great browser in my opinion, I use it all the time.. it's still my default in fact (I'm using it right now). It's actually the first browser I test anything on, with all its compatibility features, to see if you as a web developer did a decent job, because if IE is happy then 99% of the time everything else will be too. When I want to do some serious debugging, I do it in FireBug just because I'm just more accustomed to it.

    I would not suggest just placing a message on your average users screen stating they should upgrade to another type, because half of them probably don't even know what upgrade means. But that's your choice.

    If you receive help from me, it will ALWAYS be tested in IE, FF and Chrome.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by html-tutorials View Post
    Yes, IE is installed on a lot of machines, but web developers who are passionate about web standards are going insane; IE doesn't follow standards created by people who have the authority to create them -- it takes time to learn web standards as it is, ...
    What on earth are you waffling on about here?

    Firstly, I assume you are speaking on behalf of yourself and not everyone else and secondly, THERE ARE NO STANDARDS, only W3C RECOMMENDATIONS which are not enforceable in any way and there are no "code police" patrolling the www on cyber scooters handing out infringement notices to anyone not adhering to the RECOMMENDATIONS. And so we are stuck with "coding cowboys" spewing out invalid code and then wondering why the heck it doesn't work in all browsers

    I really don't see what all the fuss about IE is unless you are required to support IE7-, which I don't anymore btw. There are just too few IE7 and under users left for me to worry about.

    I support IE8+ and the latest and the last previous versions of the other major browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera). I code in valid xhtml and valid css2 and very, very rarely have any browser compatibility issues. And when a minor issue does crop up, it's always just a "cosmetic" issue which is either easily fixed or just doesn't matter.
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    Have you ever tried to create something innovative in IE that hasn't been done before? It's always late on supporting new features such as rotation transforms, and many others.

    Sure, if you develop the cookie-cutter website everyone else is creating... then there is no problem. I am talking about people on the fore-front of web development who care about little details, that IE makes really annoying to work out, and that really get in the way; but could have been easily avoided if someone on IE development team put slight effort into caring creating a good browser.
    Did you do your website html homework today? make french toast bora Stanley Kubrick's 2001 dvd kubrick on DVD.

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