Hi All,

I am looking for a Developer / Partner who can code in PHP/MYSQL.

I already have a basic working Code but need to make amendments to it before it is ready for Launch.

What I am looking for is somebody who can code in PHP/MYSQL to complete some modifications on the existing code. I will then run the website/project investing in hosting/advertising etc (no cost is needed from the other partner just their time).

In return for investing time in coding , I will profit equal stake in the venture & any profits to the partner.

The Partner has the option to pull out after 4 months if they don't make back atleast $800 should they want to at which point I will pay them for any time they have invested ( I expect remainder coding to take 40 hours or so which at full rate would be payment of $800-$1000).

If the partner decides to sell their stake in the project they will forfeit ownership to the code and venture.

Anyone interested should send PM me with their experience, MSN or SKYPE ID and we can discuss further.