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Thread: pointers to info on secure storage of data

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    pointers to info on secure storage of data

    I am fairly new at web development, but not totally ignorant of programming. I can work the basic stuff in HTML and JavaScript. I'm good at learning from examples (so I like books with lots of examples). Here's my problem:

    I now have a client who wants to securely store customer data, including VISA card numbers. When a returning customer visits the site, the client wants that customer's data to show up (sort of like Amazon.com does) -- defaulting to the customer's name, preferred VISA card #, address, and so on.

    So far, my research has led me to believe that I can do this on a UNIX server with MySQL and Perl, or on an NT server with ASP and either MySQL or Access. So far correct?? If these are NOT the tools, or there are additional tools, needed, what are they?

    Now, I'm VERY concerned about "doing it right" since people's credit card #s are involved. Does anyone have pointers to either web sites and/or good books that walk a person through this development stage?

    I await people's input with great excitement!!

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    There's a Webreference-reviewed book on shopping carts which might be of interest to you, including extracts:


    Good luck!


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