I'm developing a video download website. We strore videos in FLV format. We convert them to 3GP,MP4 or AVI on user request.

But the problem is people re-distribute those videos without our copyright. So we thought to add a watermark to videos.

We want to add a our banner image at the start of the videos or add our logo in a corner of videos. We use ffmpeg to convert videos and think we will can do this job using ffmpeg. Our ffmpeg version details below.

ffmpeg-php version - 0.6.0-svn
ffmpeg-php built on - Jul 28 2011 19:47:40
ffmpeg-php gd support - enabled
ffmpeg libavcodec version - Lavc52.108.0
ffmpeg libavformat version - Lavf52.93.0
ffmpeg swscaler version - SwS0.12.0
Please help me for this job.
Thank you.