Hi there,

I've been trying to sort this issue for ages, but it's really difficult because I can't see it!! My client is using XP / Firefox and sees the front page all messed up.

This is the page:

This is what he's said:
The home screen is behaving funny again with the navigation bar flickering up and down like before. Also one of the 3 acorns is in the pictures down the side of the home screen and all the writing when you click on the acorns appears in green on top of the manor house logo and cannot be read.

I've tried different computers running different operating systems and every browser imaginable and I can't re-create what he's seeing. I've tried everything I can think of, but every time I ask him if it's been fixed, he says the issues remain ... aaaargh!!

Can anyone help me to put this right? Pretty please??!!!

Many thanks