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Thread: Create a bookmarking script on popup help NEEDED PLZ!!!

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    Exclamation Create a bookmarking script on popup help NEEDED PLZ!!!

    Hey guys I'll try to do my best to explain what I want.

    Im using a self hosted wordpress and I want to add and image link in one of my sidebars.

    <a href="http://www.espn.com" target="_blank"> <img src="ahman.gif"> </a>
    So When someone click on the image I want a box to appear in same window
    with all the buttons above(facebook,twitter,Gplus,Digg,StumbleUpon ....(the script for the button is down there))

    like that(I want A shadow also)

    After that I want all the bookmarks to be done in this box and not in different window.

    After the bookmark is done I want to show a thank you message in this box

    Hope you guys Understood.

    I dont think is complicated but for me it is
    The bookmarking script is Here

    Thank million times for help.
    If you can help me even with half of this I'll be pretty happy

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    Read this article, the code in it will help with what you need, for further assistance, just reply back.


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    You really needed a new thread for this? I hope nobody helps you and your website gets hacked.
    i love easter eggs
    (if you got any creative easter eggs, send me a PM)

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    thank you again for the help.
    But If I understood the article that you gave me the script opens in new window???
    BTW I found exactly what I need.Please check this thread

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