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Thread: How To Pass more values from JAVASCRIPT TO JSP PAGE

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    Question How To Pass more values from JAVASCRIPT TO JSP PAGE

    I am retrieving data(ids) with the help of xml and javascript from DB.
    so i can pass one id to jsp using QueryString. but i want to pass more than 50 values to JSP page how can i pass? we cant pass as query string form.
    is it possible with javascript enumerator?
    any other pOssibilities?

    please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could pass this info as a comma separated list of Ids so you don't run into character limits on query strings. You also might be able to do a POST request using AJAX, where the limits on data are much higher.

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    Question My Code is here

    sry i have not underastand ur answer can u elaborate this.

    below is my code.

    var entities = graphManager.getEntitySet().getEntityEnumeration();

    Now i have to pass entities (string []array) values to jsp and how can i retrieve in JSP...

    just like below..

    thanks in advance

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