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Thread: Laptop key replacing help

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    Laptop key replacing help

    Last night, I took my anger out on my laptop here by slamming down the enter key which somehow caused me to chip off my quotation marks key. I reconnected the white part on it and cannot figure out how to reconnect it to the keyboard. I see there are two metal clips and I assume they need to clip onto the white thing but cannot figure out how to do it. There must be some trick. Does anyone know of the trick to reconnect a key?

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    I think one side usually hooks under

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    Hi Stanley,
    The two metal clips on the bottom of the key are usually "spring" type clamps. Sometimes you can make them "grip" again by carefully bending them towards each other (like this ----> <-------). Then press the key down firmly onto the little white "post" thingy it attaches to. If that doesn't work.. then you will have to get a new key. If that still doesn't work & the little white "post" thingy is damaged .. then you don't have any choice but to replace the whole keyboard.
    Hope this helps

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    Laptop Key removal

    Take a look at www.laptopkeys.co.uk/removeKey.html It clearly shows how to remove and replace the a laptop key.

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    Angry replace laptop keys

    i went to that website mattnorrie suggested and it didn't help. my laptop keys are different. my dont hook on the left and then right. i had to sort of roll it and clip it into one spot. be careful and push down seperatly on each diff corner. if you just push it wont work. you must be careful... it was odd. but i hope this helps for those of you who have a messed up laptop like me

    OMG!! bad typing grammer and punctuation!! and spelling for that matter hmm, goes against everything i believe in but im in a hurry...

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    If you check out the site http://www.laptop-keys.com, you find some great blogs and installation videos to help show you how to replace/repair the key.

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