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Thread: stretch gradient background

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    stretch gradient background

    What's a good way to get a gradient background to stretch vertically to 2200 px without streaking? The only way I've been able to it so far is create a gradient in Word for a page fill then do a screen clipping in another Word doc, save it as a png or jpeg then stretch it out to 2200 px in MS Paint, save, use that as my background using MS Expression Web which does the coding for me. That worked fine except for the streaking that happens when I have to stretch the image that far. I'm sure Photoshop could do it better but I'm on a budget. There must be some free online resources for creating high quality images that can be stretched.

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    You should only scale bitmap images down- never up. Scaling pixels up forces the program to guess which pixels are valid data. I blame TV shows like CSI for their investigation shots at the police station. You can almost hear it now, officers crowded around a monitor with a pixelated photo from a robbery the night before. "Enhance!" they command and the image zooms in fluidly despite the fact that there wasn't any more pixel data to be shown.

    Your best bet is to recreate the gradient entirely at the correct size from the start using a free program such as GIMP.

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    infinityspiral!!! you have shattered my dreams of ever being able to restore to perfection that terrible blurry, distorted, vid capture shot at 320x240 to 1080p res!! Oh well, I always suspected that it was just too good to be true..... booo hooo.
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