I have a slight situation in my app in my jsfiddle. I have 4 options. Options 3,4 and 5 will display a textbox while option True or False displays a string "Only 1 Answer".

Please follow these steps below to be able to use the app and see the problem.

Step 1: Open the fiddle and you see an options and answers section on top. Open the grid and select option 3. Buttons A, B and C would appear.

Step 2. Click "Add Question", a new row is added in the table.

Step 3: In the new row you just created, open the grid and select option "true or false". Now look at the top at the answers and options feature again and you see the number of answers textbox change to say "Only 1 Answer".

This is not supppose to happen. What my problem is which needs addressing is that if the user changes an option within the table row they have just added to "True or False", it should not replace the number of answers textbox into the phrase "Only 1 Answer".

So what my question is that if the user changes an option in a added row from a number option to True or False, I do not want the Number of answers section on the top control to change. In fact it should be not affected at all. If you look properly if the
user changes an option in a row, it does not change the option type or the Answer in the control at top. I want it exactly the same for Number of Answers in the top control, I don't want Number of Answers section on top control to be affected if option changes within an added row.

code is in jsfiddle, click here Please use the fiddle to test your code. It will be best if you can provide a working sample.

Thank you