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Thread: Looking for fellow coder for website

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    Looking for fellow coder for website

    Hello everyone. I have had an idea going around my head fora while now, I want to start a site where people can upload their custom made comic books to the site, and people can browse, search, and read them. Kinda like youtube but for comic books.

    I need someone who has experience in database driven websites where people can log in to their accounts, have a home page, and control panel to edit their pages.

    Any takers please PM me

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    I may not be able to pm you here due to low post count.
    Can you send the details over email at nicole@wickedinnovations.com

    I'm glad to accommodate. =)

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    Is this position still open? we have a great expertise in creation database driven websites. we are interested in this project.
    please feel free to share your project details: tatyana.miroshnyk@dbbest.com

    I hope to hear from you soon.

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