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Thread: Html5 or Flash?

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    I think you can go for HTML Websites rather than Flash Websites, because Flash Websites isn't optimized as compared to HTML Websites and now days Optimization is one of the major factor of websites as majority of business is done online and if you don't have visibility you can't develop your business online and same thing can be achieved by website optimization.

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    HTML5 is the best to use for creating a website because it it is more SEO-friendly.
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    HTML 5 is the best in the world now ................

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    FWIW iPhones don't seem to play mp3's from the HTML5 <audio> tag in my experience. iPhone 4s doesn't and there are a lot of them phones out there. More sopisticated players are OK (eg plug-ins for Wordpress) but my requirement is DHTML in nature which is unresolved. I am looking to detect iPhones and change the audio link to plain old blahblah.mp3 - an Apple evangelist friend reckons (via PHP) that that wheeze will play on anything. He hates JavaScript almost as much as non-Mac computers &/or users.

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