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Thread: Referring itself

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    Referring itself

    Hi all,
    How can an array element refer itself? Suppose I have an array like this,

    var a=[[1,2,{f:function(){var b=a[0][1];}}],

    So in function f, how can i change the assignment line to something like
    var b=this_array_element[1] dynamically or there is a way doing so?


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    Well I don't know myself but your using var and not returning anything from the function.

    I would have thought that
    var a=[[1,2,{f:function(){ b=this[0][1];}}],
    would have had some part to play in the process.

    I suggest you start with that idea and play around until you his the mark. I still think that you should be returning a value but thats only my thoughts.

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