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Thread: Finding page posts with back-links

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    Finding page posts with back-links

    I use Google Webmasters to track back-links but it only shows the main domain of the link. How do you find the page with the link without having to browse through website manually? Is there a way to setup alerts to receive emails whenever a link to your website is posted? I'm mainly looking to find any comments left linking to my blog from other sites or blogs.

    Another question I have is why some referral traffic is not appearing under Google Analytics. I've placed two ads on websites and I know the recent increase in traffic is due to these ads but Analytics is not specifying where the referral traffic source for either of these links. One of the ads is on a tumblr blog and the other on blogger. The page source didn't show any 'nofollow' link attributes. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for any help.
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