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Thread: Whitespace between images in IE9

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    Whitespace between images in IE9

    To cut a long story short, a friend of mine inherited a website from his ex-business partner which he noticed had issues with the layout of the images when displayed in IE9. The vertical line of images on the left-hand have got a whitespace between them. This results in the vertical line of images on the right-hand "dropping down" i.e. the top right image does not align with the top line of images. You can see what I mean if you take a look at a copy of the website I've uploaded:


    When the page is displayed in FF everything aligns perfectly. So I started taking a look but blow me down if I can't work out what the problem is. I've tried various methods that I've read up on to fix whitespace issues in IE but none seem to fix the problem. The page passes W3C validation except for a warning regarding using UTF8 encoding.

    Can anyone take a look at the source and see if there's anything obvious which I'm missing.
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    Figured it out. The width of the table which contained all of the elements on the page was defined as 4px wider than the width of the contents within it!!

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