Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been driven here because I have yet to figure out how certain things in XML and XSLT work.

I'm trying to figure out how to link two pages together. I understand enough about XML and XSLT and have managed to get a working .htm page, however, I cannot understand or figure out how to link two pages together, and it's been driving me nuts.

The reason I cannot figure this out is because when I render an XSLT document in Dreamweaver it outputs a temporary .htm page, ok cool. So if I need to link to another page, I can't ask the browser to open up a .xslt page because it does not know how to display this, so I need to link to the actual .htm or .html page. However, since the XML and XSLT has not been parsed yet for the second page, I can't exactly link to something I don't know the filename to.

I've been having this trouble for years not and cannot proceed with my knowledge of data-drive web development because I always hit this road block. Is there something I am missing?