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Thread: navigation menu both submenu and parent class active

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    navigation menu both submenu and parent class active

    I have a navigation menu with one level of submenu, and the code that I have allowes me when I click on the parent, the submenu opens (and remains open). When I click on a subitem, the page travels to that url, but the code that I have compares the document.location to the href of the menu items and display the submenu.
    Now the active page is hightlighted, but the parent isn't (if the active page is a submenu).
    So what I want is that when a subitem is active, also it's parent should be active, for example:


    In this case when sub_item_2 is active, also main_item_2 should be.

    I have tried to use parent(), parents(), but none worked the right way, or at least for me the way I want it.

    So here is the code I use:
    $('#topnav ul li ul.submenu li a').click(function(e){
         if ($(this).attr('class') != 'active'){
           $('#topnav ul li a').removeClass('active');
    			return this.href === document.location.href;
    	   $("ul.submenu > li > a").each(function () {
             var currentURL = decodeURIComponent(document.location.href);
             var thisURL = $(this).attr("href");
             if (currentURL.indexOf(thisURL) != -1) {
    	         $(this).parents("ul.submenu").css('display', 'block');
           $('#topnav > ul > li > a').each(function(){
          var currURL = decodeURIComponent(document.location.href);
    	  var myHref= $(this).attr('href');
          if (currURL.match(myHref)) {
                            //$('a', $('.active').parents("li:last")).addClass('active');		                   
                 	        $(this).parent().find("ul.submenu").css('display', 'block');
    The middle group code is for the subitem, so the code to make the parent also active should be there I think.

    Please help.

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    anyone who can help me with this?

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